REVEALED!!! Shocking New Way To Reverse Hypertension Fast using 3 weird ancient plants Even if you have Tried Everything.

Don't let your high blood pressure problem continue... The next 10 minutes can be life changing for you because if you read this post till the end you will discover how to never worry about High Blood Pressure again. EVER!!! 

You are about to discover a SIMPLE, UNIQUE TRIO of weird plants that simply activates your body's natural blood pressure support that you already have built in.

Without any high intensity exercise,
STRICT DIET, or even leaving your home. This is finally the truth you have been looking for.

YES!!! It is POSSIBLE to maintain healthy blood pressure levels Long term without extreme lifestyle changes. Or spending the rest of your life on BP MEDICATION.

And it also exposes big Pharma, for it's lies... Causing men and women to waste thousands of Naira on ineffective diets, drugs and workouts that will not help maintain a healthy blood pressure level because they all target the


These solutions target the problems from the outside in, treating just the Symptoms of Hypertension and not the root cause.
Leaving you feeling helpless and blaming yourself.

However, despite what you've been told, Maintaining a healthy blood pressure level isn't only about how much
SALT, Sugar of Carbohydrates you eat or how much exercise you do or what medication you take or even your genetics.

Because the truth is, maintaining a
healthy blood pressure is not just caused by your weight and diet and blaming your weight and diet will only distract you from the real problem that affect nearly everyone over 40 years of age and these days even younger people suffer from hypertension.

In fact, the American Heart Association estimates that over 100 million Americans struggle to maintain a healthy blood pressure level.

And if you are like me, the next few minutes could save your life.

Because I am going to share with you the secret
Trio of Plant nutrients that the ordinary everyday man and woman doesn't know about.

Used by the us military men to keep healthy, fit and ready to perform. However, before we go straight into this...

I want to give you a chance to walk away right now... Because, there is no going back!!!

This is the dirty little secret has been holding up a widely profitable industry.

So, if you want to know how this dirty little secret helped me reverse my blood pressure and ultimately improve my life

Then keep reading...

Because I am certain that this
all natural ancient trio plants found on the hill of Asia saved my life and that of several people around the world and today it can do the same for you.

But First...

You need to understand what blood pressure is. So you can understand why this trio of plants and their nutrients is considered the holy grail to maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

In your body, right now... 

You have over 95,000 km of blood vessels that acts like pipes moving your blood around. The blood in your blood vessels causes a force on the walls of the vessels...

And that force is what is called blood pressure.

Now... Imagine for a second that the blood in your pipe thickens and becomes just like pap (Akamu)

Or if the pipe becomes smaller... It becomes harder to pump which causes the pressure to increase. So, if you want to support a healthy blood pressure level, you have to focus on ensuring that the blood in your pipes can flow easily.

And if you were to talk to a doctor, they would tell you: watch your diet, exercise more or even take expensive prescription drugs. However, these options are not your most effective solution.

In fact, studies have showed that high intensity exercise can actually make it harder for the body  to maintain healthy blood pressure levels. And even worse, those medications often have horrible side effects!

None of these solutions work with your body's Natural Blood Pressure support system that is meant to naturally maintain healthy blood pressure levels AS LONG AS YOU KNOW HOW TO KEEP IT ACTIVATED

Alright... So here it is:

It's something called your ENDOTHELIUM. And if you are wondering what the heck is that!? That's exactly what I thought the first time I heard about it but it turns out that

The Endothelium is a built in blood pressure support system that every single person has.

But most people have no idea how to ACTIVATE IT.

You see, In everyone of your blood vessels, there is a lining called Endothelium. And this is actually one of your largest organs. But most of us including myself  have never heard of it.


When the heart pumps blood, the Endothelium is what tells the blood vessels to open and close by default when they are supposed to. So, it's important to keep the Endothelium active. And give it everything it needs to keep this up because time alone can wear on the Endothelium's Ability to support blood vessel's opening and closing

And it can cause vessels to actually tear.

Possibly creating inflammation. And inflammation can build up eventually clogging blood vessels.

But, it's easy to maintain your ENDOTHELIUM for the long term just by understanding how to keep it ACTIVATED.

Alright, so here's the secret.

It's not your metabolism, it's not performing more exercises. Those solutions often overlook the simplest and most effective way to maintain health blood pressure.

Which is through keeping blood vessels opening and closing properly.

Supporting a health blood pressure level is really just about keeping your blood vessels relaxed so they can expand and shrink without tearing.

And once you are able to do this, your body will literally naturally keep your blood pressure in a health range for you.

However, there is something that you need to know with Age...

Doctors and scientists know that the Endothelium function naturally diminishes

But with this little known 3 minutes Ancient secrete that you will be able to do the moment you wake up and before you go to bed your body will be able to maintain the healthy function of the Endothelium.

And allow your blood vessels to expand and shrink without tearing so that overtime, you can continue to maintain a healthy blood pressure level

Now, before I reveal this simple ancient trio plants nutrients, you may be wondering...

How does he know all of this?

My name is James and I am a 51years proud father of 3.

Before this discovery, My father measures his blood pressure everyday and everywhere while my mother had experimented several hypertensive drugs with little or no results.

That day, seeing me uncle who was 77 running around with the children, I knew I wanted to be just like him. He was visiting from the US after so many years.

I decided to start taking my blood pressure seriously.

I made all the lifestyle changes as recommended. I ate vegetables as I was supposed to and I even joined all those intense work out program that was supposed to help with high blood pressure.

I stared doing 30 minutes intense exercise every day. However, this only actually made things worse because those high intensity exercises made my blood pressure spike.

I felt like after a few workouts I would have a heart attack.

I also ate 100% clean no salt meals and vegetables. I cut out on alcohol too.

I became obsessed with it, unable to concentrate on anything else.

I started to feel depressed because it just felt like no way to live.

I felt frustrated because I just didn't understand how anyone, even the healthiest person I could imagine would be able to maintain healthy blood pressure if this is what it took.

And I thought I was doing everything right. BUT YOU SEE... AS YOU WOULD SOON DISCOVER.

Supporting a healthy blood pressure level isn't only to do with lifestyle changes that can be hard to keep up in a country like Nigeria.

Like changing your diet, ZERO alcohol, zero salt, zero cured meats and changes to exercise bloke squishing 30 minutes of exercise into every day.

These things do help but they can be hard to keep up 24/7. Trust me, I have tried it again and again.

They also don't address the real underlying issue. Because, it's not your diet or exercise that causes your blood pressure to increase.

Rather it has to do with your ENDOTHELIUM organ. Remember the lining inside of your blood vessels?

Your ENDOTHELIUM is your largest organ. It's a thin membrane that lines the inside of your heart and all your blood vessels and if the Endothelium in the whole body was collected, it will will cover six tennis courts.

So, it's huge.

According to Harvard Health, there's something called Endothelial Dysfunction and it's when these vessel
walls do not open and close like they are supposed to.

Now, according to my uncle, the highly specialized doctors in the Us Military they know about all this.

But most normal medical clinics do not diagnose or treat Endothelial Dysfunction.

Which is interesting because the solution is in a simple ancient trio of nutrients found in there plants.

Which is why in the military, they always ate these key 3 trio of nutrients.

With these 3 key trio of plants I am about to introduce to you, your body's blood vessels will be able to naturally maintain their ability to open and close.

So that you can support and maintain a healthy blood pressure level.

Be at your healthiest for you and your family, stress free without having to worry about rising blood pressure and without obsessing ever time you sit down for a meal.

Because, in just a few short weeks, you will wake up and you will be totally free of these worries.

You will know that you are supporting a healthy heart and maintaining a health blood pressure level naturally and easily.

This solution doesn't involve dieting or any single exercise.

Now, if you are like me...

You are probably a bit skeptical and rightly so because in my opinion  the lies that huge pharmaceuticals companies have spent billions broadcasting to you and I can cause you to lose trust.

But you are not alone, that's exactly how I felt.

Especially the first time that I made this life changing discovery until I experienced the changes first hand myself.

This secret ancient trio of plants can be consumed by anyone apart from pregnant women.

So... are you ready to discover these secret ancient weird trio plants that activates your body's natural blood pressure support system?

Remember my uncle? Yes, one faithful day, after struggling with my high blood pressure for so long, I decided to call my uncle and literally beg him to tell me about his secret solution.

And what he told me next was life changing... I couldn't believe how simple it really was.

And here's exactly what my uncle revealed to me:  As you can imagine, during his time in the marine, my uncle was in extremely stressful situations.

But his blood pressure was always carefully monitored and like his fellow marines he never had any problems maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

How could that possibly be?

The first thing doctors recommend that in order to maintain health blood pressure levels is to reduce stress.

So my uncle said he did a little digging and he realised that as a US marine, there were served a very specific diet.

The chefs always made sure to cook them the same meals again and again.

But the secret is in getting the right unique plant nutrients in the right dose and right quality so that your body's natural blood pressure support system is constantly activated.

My uncle then connected me with the medical doctor from his marine training camp. They met back in the day and remained good friends hence the leverage on my side.

After I introduced myself and told him all about my health goals

He just sighed and he said "The truth in my opinion is that the public has been lied to" big companies keep making huge profits from the public but in my work, I learned that the body already has a natural blood pressure support system in place. It just needs to be activated.

And it's called your endothelial function.

Let me explain he said... The blood vessel is like a high way for your blood and it's the only route for your blood to get to your heart, to your brain, to your organs and anywhere else it needs to go to keep you healthy.

Healthy blood pressure is maintained by keeping this blood vessels wide opened and relaxed.

So, basically your body already has a natural support system built in that's working hard to prevent tearing, inflammation or plaquey roadblocks from building up.

Just like kitchen pipes, when water is trying to pump through, something has to keep the pipe working like they are brand new. This is where your endothelium, the organ that very few people know about plays a crucial role in your heart health.

When it's health and activated, endothelium cells release a substance called "NITRIC OXIDE" or NO.

Nitric oxide controls the relaxation and contractions of your blood vessels.

So you can imagine the important role it plays as your blood tries to rush through your vessels 24 hours a day.

So, you can see why this organ is so important when it comes to your blood pressure. To maintain healthy blood pressure, you just have to keep your endothelium naturally activated.

He then explained how just 3 nutrients found in 3 ancient plants can help.

How ever, the real power is when these 3 nutrients are combined together. They act like a perfect team and they support your blood vessels opening and closing more easily.

He then explained that the quantity of each nutrients is as important as the nutrients in this trio mixture.

And he said, all you have to do is a simple 30 seconds ritual that you have to do twice a day morning when you wake up and at night before you go to bed.

And in no time at all you will be maintaining healthy consistent blood pressure levels.

Out of curiosity, I asked why this was not made public. And he said it's because the system is funded by some huge companies that need to remain in Profit.

So, how do you activate your endothelium? Your body's natural blood pressure support system and easily maintain healthy blood pressure levels?

Well, it's actually incredibly easy.

So easy that it's probably going to surprise you.

And I am not going to get all science-y on you or bombard you with medical mumbo jumbo.

In fact, it comes down to just 3 simple vitamins and minerals found in 3 plants.

Consuming these 3 plants and nutrients in the right ratio in the right quantity and at the right same time is everything you need to do to support a healthy blood pressure.

And this unique solution I am about to reveal to you helps you do exactly that.

1. Wild Apocynum Venetum(Dogbane)

Dogbane, also known as apocynum venetum has long been used in Chinese medicine for the treatment of depression and hypertension.

Tea made with dogbane leaves have long been recognized by the Chinese as an effective medication for liver imbalance and hypertension.

A recent research which has been carried out so far, suggests that dogbane definitely lowers blood pressure by increasing the amount of nitric oxide and thus causing vasodilatation. Also another research has proven that dogbane is effective for hypercholesteremia and the prevention of atherosclerosis.

The following are some of the other health benefits of using dogbane:

Help relax the blood vessels
Can help fight edema due to heart or kidney problems
Can help to detoxify the body
Believed to help fight complications due to diabetes
Believed to help combat insomnia, irritability, headaches, vertigo, dizziness and palpitations due to liver hyperactivity,
Assists in better blood flow to the kidney

2. Hawthorn

Hawthorn is often called “the heart herb” for its various cardio-protective abilities. The hawthorn berry has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for all kinds of serious heart concerns.

In the early 1800s doctors in the United States were using this medicinal herb for respiratory and circulatory health disorders as well.

Hawthorn is used for diseases of the heart and blood vessels such as congestive heart failure (CHF), chest pain, and irregular heartbeat.

It is also used to treat “hardening of the arteries” (atherosclerosis), and high cholesterol.

3. Du Zhong

Du Zhong, the leaves and dried bark of eucommia ulmoides tree, is an expensive Chinese traditional medicine.

It is used to nourish the kidneys and liver, strengthen muscles and bones and lower blood pressure. It also assist in weight loss and reducing bloating, and even in the treatment of diabetes

These 3 Plants... Helps you produce nitic oxide.

And countless other studies have proven the same. So, it's absolutely critical to flood your body with this nutrient to keep your endothelium safe and activated and your blood vessels fully supported.

And as you already know by now, Nitric oxide is one of the most important molecules for blood vessels health.

It has the power to relax the inner muscles of your blood vessels, causing the vessels to widen making way for all that blood rushing through your body day in and day out.

Keeping your blood pressure at the optimal level.

So since, it's almost impossible for the ordinary man like you and I to get these plants and mix them in the required ratio and since I am not privileged to be a US marine to eat of meals containing these trio of ancient plants.

That was when I was introduced to this amazing recipe that was made with this same ancient trio plants. My uncle had to send a few boxes of this solution to me from the us. 

Skeptical about this solution, I and and a selected group of friends had to use this solution for ourselves.

The result I must say was shockingly amazing after using it for like 50 days.

However, I needed to be sure we were not just lucky so I had to give out the ones I had left to some church members and the feedback was crazy.

Because we know that with everything happening around, most Nigerians struggle with Hypertension hence I decided that it was time for me to share my story and discovery to a few more people who care to listen.


The first Ancient trio of nutrients super combo that keeps your body's natural blood pressure support system fully activated!!!

The blood pressure natural solution that uses 100% natural ingredients to help you maintain a healthy blood pressure for the long term.

It supports healthy blood pressure from the inside out and is based on the results of several thousands of men and women around the world just like you and me who have discovered that there are only one simple solution away from fully supporting the blood vessels in our bodies. 


My mom is taking it for about two weeks. She had a stroke in august so keeping her bp down is the most important task! The meds at max dosage did not help. At night before bed when she lied down, her bp was always around 150-160. Now with this supplement it is 120-130!! Very hard to believe but it is true! If it stays the same, we will be customers for life! Very impressed so far!!

Mrs. Moore

F.C.T Abuja

I had partial stroke and at the same time, I was hypertensive. I have been battling with the problem for a while now, until a friend of mine introduced me to the Bp Normalizer tea, He advised i ordered the complete package so as to get the therapy device which i did, now 6 weeks after using this product, I experienced amazing turnaround. My high blood pressure has reduced considerably, and reading about 126/83, the therapy device has relieved my stroke beyond my imagination! I couldn’t believe I could be on my feet again to live my normal life!

Mr. Felix Udomi


This tea just made me a firm believer in th power of herbs and roots. To be honest, i got this tea, just so i could say to myself "I've tried this and it doesn't work"...But it does work, I'm 45 days into using the tea and my Bp has reduced from 180/84 to 130/80!!...My friend just ordered hers and has also seen some improvement..Thanks!

Mrs. Amina


My blood pressure was consistently above 135/96 and it is now consistently 122/72 range. I think this product has been a welcome part of the actions being taken as well; diet, exercise, etc. I noticed the benefit almost immediately and have only been using it for 2 weeks. I do recommend this as part of the strategy to combat high blood pressure.

Jude Igwe


Got this for my mother who has been hypertensive for a while now, We always had to walk on tiptoes around the house in an attempt not to upset her health any further than it was. Her drugs weren't working and she always had a hard time sleeping. You can imagine my shock when after 2week of using this tea. I came home from work to find my mom sleeping and Snoring heavily. I was so excited, i almost boiled 5teabags at once for her to drink!!

Jacqline Madubuike

Rivers State

The nutrients were carefully sourced from the Ancient Asian's hills.

Remember, the war against blood pressure is not about exercises and starving yourself. It's about activating the Inner support system that you are already born with.

To keep your blood vessels healthy and blood flowing freely and supporting all those areas of your body and health.

You have tried all the dieting, exercising and prescription drugs with all the side effects like I did? And you feel frustrated? It's not your fault!!!

If it feels too hard to keep up with all the extreme lifestyle changes... That's because, it is!!!

There is a better way!!!

You can finally look forward in life and look forward to playing with your children and grand kids without depending on a bunch of blood pressure medication.

Because the real answer is about activating your body's natural ability to support a healthy blood pressure all on it's own.

If you want to dramatically change how you feel and be in control of just how long you want to live on this planet without having to ever worry about heart attacks


To reignite healthy blood flow from the inside out.  Instead of confusing the heck out of them, and with the wrong solutions.

The focus should be on keeping your endothelial function active and promoting the production of Nitric oxide in your blood vessels so that they can relax when they need to with this all natural herbal solution that supports exactly that.

A herbal solution that is confirmed by one of the world's most elite groups of men and women in the world... THE US MARINES.

And backed by thousands of success stories across the world. And as you read this, your body is practically begging you to make this change!!!

And don't even get me started on your family's well-being and finances!! Because you do not need to plan on spending thousands of Naira on expensive medications or medical bills When there is a way to easily and safely maintain a healthy blood pressure.

In my opinion we might as well take our money and walk up to the big pharmaceuticals corporations, shake the hands of the greedy guys in suit and put our hard end money right into their pockets ourselves.

Because they are literarily banking on you to choose their expensive route so they can keep lining their own pockets.

But you are SMART and I didn't need to tell you how much your body and bank account will THANK YOU.

For finally saying YES to a natural proven, trusted and reliable blood pressure solution Backed by science.

That literarily takes less than 5 minutes to do daily that you can start as early as you get your own hypertension Normalizer solution delivered to your door step.

Right away, FAST!!! Safe, rewarding and life long blood pressure health.

This is only possible if you are using a solution that actually works with you to support your unique internal system and supports your body deep within To support your blood vessels for immediate long lasting healthy blood pressure.

Time and effort has been taking to source for the best quality and put the exact quantity of the ancient trio plants we talked about today in an easy to use tea bags that you can start using right away.

This solution is 100% safe as there is nothing else in them other than 100% natural vitamins and herbs.

Maintaining healthy blood pressure with Hypertension Normalizer solution takes less than 5 minutes a day.
Everything you need is right at your fingertips.

This time, isn't it a great feeling knowing that you will have full control of your health with a clear step by step plan starting today?

The moment you take this done for you herbal combination, you begin to protect your blood vessels by following a simple protocol that supports the health of your endothelium and keeps your blood flowing freely and even more...

This all natural herbal combination has been scientifically proven to support every levels, mood regulations and even support a healthy libido.

This will explain how the men and the woman in the us military can stay so healthy even in high pressure environments.

Remember... You only have one shot at being the best you. And you deserve to be happy. And it's not too late.

Now, after seeing all the testimonies you may be thinking... Since this system is the REAL DEAL it must be unaffordable.

But remember how I told you that I dedicated my life to finding a lasting solution for high blood pressure and doing what I can to get findings out to as many people as possible?

Well, I am not taking that COMMITMENT lightly.

So originally, 2 packs that's 30 days supply of this Hypertension Normalizer solution goes for 24,000 selling for 12000 per pack and yet that would be a steal compared to the effectiveness of this solution and the side effects of the other prescription drugs.

You need to ask yourself, how much is it worth to you to wake up and feel secured about your health.

I want you to take 30 seconds right now... And ask yourself, if you can start maintaining a healthy blood pressure starting TOMORROW.  

How much would that be worth to you?

How much will it be worth to you to wake up everyday knowing that your blood pressure levels are exactly where they need to be?

Knowing that you can fully do all the fun things you love, run down the beach jump around with your children or grand children, travel the world or whatever you desire to do even up to your retirement running into old age.

What if you could stop obsessing over what you eat or how much you exercise, how much will that be worth to you?

1million Naira? 100 thousand naira? 50 thousand Naira?

Well, you see... You are probably a giver and always try to please others and even when you want something that you know will change your life and you know that it's a once in a lifetime deal , sometimes it's hard to give yourself permission to get something you so desperately need. And I completely get that.

However, I will hate to see you walk away because it just wasn't feasible so, I decided to go the extra mile to speak to the contact person, the supplier I found in Nigeria to make it as affordable as possible so every man or woman can say
Yes without hesitation.

And truthfully, N24,000 for a one month supply is still an incredible deal compared to the tens of thousands of dollars spent on the research and development of this product.

But it's okay because once again I've committed my life to helping men and women just like myself to get the same results that I got.

Just like several other people across the world who have completely changed their lives already.

So after going back and forth, I wanted to make this a no brainer decision for you so they reluctantly agreed to finally give away the 30 days 1month supply for only N16,000 instead of N24,000.

Because It basically takes between 30 to 60 days to completely fix your endothelial function and get it producing nitric oxide at its peak, so smart customers go for the 60days or 2months supply instead.

Hence I also agreed a deal for you to get the 2 months supply for N28,000 instead of N48,000 for a limited time Only. I was told though that this offer will end once the remaining few boxes they have left is sold out.

As a way of showing my support and dedication to your health, I have also given the suppliers 20 pieces of the acupuncture device that I use to ease stress. 

This Device can be yours for FREE!!! TODAY!!!

So the first 20 people to get the 2 months supply pack will be gifted this acupuncture device for FREE.

This Acupuncture Machine is a modern health care therapeutic device which Combines Traditional Chinese Medicine of Acupuncture Technology, with a blend of modern health science requirements to treat health issues such as:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Stroke
  • Arthritis And Pain
  • Weak sexual activity (or erectile dysfunction)
  • Weight Reduction
  • Relieve Stress and Headaches

In simple English, this device allows you to enjoy the full benefits of Acupuncture and Physiotherapy without engaging the cruder and tradition Pin and Needles Method of carrying out Acupunctural therapy adopted by the ancient Chinese Physicians.

You must act fast though because once this supply is exhausted, there is nothing I can do.

The new supply will be sold at the original price I was told, or even more because of the restrictions caused by Covid 19 and the dollar spike against Naira.

And you don't get any free gift going forward.

So take advantage of this amazing one time offer today.

Plus we want you to be completely satisfied, hence every order made within 24 hours and picked up within 48 hours will be sent out for free. YOU DONT PAY A DIME FOR DELIVERY!!!

You get free delivery across Nigeria if you order today. Sounds good?

It's up to you now.

Look below and don't wait a second longer to take control of your life and health today.  Just select your package below and automatically get your discount.

It is recommended that you take this opportunity and stuck with the 2 months supply because once it's sold out I can't say when the next supply comes in and for how much it will sell.

I have done my best to help, it's your turn to help yourself.

Thank you for your time



Click on any of the images below and tell us where to send  your package.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We understand your doubts and fears. They are totally natural…

That is why we at Natural Herbal Remedies have decided to take the risk away from you 100%. All you need to do is: “Get and use this Hypertension Normalizing Tea” CONSISTENTLY and after at least 30days you can genuinely say there has been no positive noticeable difference in your Blood Pressure.

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This Is How Confident We Are On The Effectiveness Of This Product

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