Give Me "5 MINUTES" and  I Will Show You How I was finally able to Reverse my Hypertension Naturally Without using Harmful Medications. 

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Just by drinking Tea 2 times daily

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What you don’t know about high blood pressure could hurt you.

The fact that hypertension is normally called the "silent killer" is not a joke and this should be taken seriously because a person can have it without knowing until it strikes. 

Uncontrolled high B.p raises the risk for heart disease and stroke, which sadly leads to death. 

Fortunately, high blood pressure is treatable and preventable.

To lower risk, get your blood pressure checked regularly and take action to control your blood pressure the instant you realize it is too high.

Dear Friend,

My name is Chibuzor Moses, I like to consider myself a survivor after battling with HYPERTENSION for several years.

My struggle with hypertension started in the earlier days of setting up my importation business in lagos during the early1990's. Although I am convinced that this ailment was triggered by the stress and tension from setting up my new business, I cannot also ignore the fact that my father died from suffering a heart attack, we also lost my uncle many years later to kidney failure also as a result of hypertension, and my doctor made me to understand that my High Blood Pressure was more of an inherited ailment than as a result of stress of my business.

Although the symptoms weren't always present, but when it was;

  • Hypertension was really the devil in my life, I could hardly walk a short distance without feeling light-headed like I was intoxicated with alcohol. Most times I would stumble while walking from feeling dizzy, and people would look at me like a Drunkard.
  • At other time my heart would be beating so fast, like it was about to come out of my chest, without me performing any physical activity. Hypertension Is No Joke!!!

During my years of battling with high blood pressure, In 15 years i had literally tasted several kinds of hypertensive drugs, from Amlodipine, to Bumetanide, Microzide, and Chlorthalidone. Infact I was an expert drug taker because then my blood pressure was always playing around 160/82 to 210/120

Those drugs seemed to work for a while especially Amlodipine 10mg which was the treatment I started with, but at a point it felt like my system was becoming resistant and I started suffering side effects every time I took these pills.

Sometimes I experience

  • Horrible migraines,
  • Sometimes my ankles would get swollen for no reason
  • And I'd feel constipated.

After a while of complaining, my doctor was forced to change my pills, which was when I tasted the likes of Microzide, Bumetanide e.t.c. But they seemed to have an even graduated side effect like

  •  Joint pain,
  • Earache,
  • Dizziness when I tried standing, amongst other. 

After that I stopped complaining, it seemed like the doctor was tired of my case, while I was frustrated and dreaded what other side effects I'd have to deal with if my medications were changed again.

Aside medications, my meals were highly restricted to my Dietician and Nutritionist recommendation. As an Igbo man who enjoyed the more traditional delicacies my wife cooked so well, I felt like I was barely existing, but I had to comply as my health depended mostly on it.

Also at a point, I had to stop driving my car which was something I really enjoy doing due to fear that those light-headed and dizzy feeling might come when I'm in motion, thereby leading to an accident.

All these while of struggling my blood pressure, I was still trying, on the other hand, to ensure my business does not suffer.

But the worst happened March 23rd, 2015, when along with other stores my warehouse at Ojota, Lagos market was gutted down by fire along with my 19 million worth of newly imported goods due to electrical faults in one of the shops. With no insurance on my goods, the shock was more than my health could take, my Bp soared that day and I suffered a partial stroke and lost control of the left side of my body!!

Glory to God within two years I was able to get my business back on track under the supervision of my son, but my health continued to suffer. 

I tried alot of things, drank several concotions. My wife even went as far as contacting a native Delta woman who came and cut me with razors, saying it was getting rid of the bad blood so the good ones would flow, yet nothing.

But the entire situation changed when I came in contact with an old-time friend, Barrister Ezenwaka who had been my boyhood friend during our days at Dennis Memorial Grammar School, Anambra. After seeing for himself and hearing me talk about my struggle with hypertension, he shared with me the story of his mother who he said had suffered stage four hypertension some few years back but was doing very fine today and he claimed it was all thanks to a natural health product.

To be honest I was wary, thinking I was going to be given another of those horrible concoction, but my friend was a highly learned and honest man for as long as I had known him through our years of growing up, so I decided to give him a benefit of doubt.

He promised to order the product for me and even did a good gesture of paying for it and having it delivered to my home.

When the product landed and i realized it was a herbal tea, I initially felt disappointment. "What could this herbal tea do when my really expensive pills have failed me?", to me it was just another concoction with good packaging.

But on my wife insistence, I was forced to use it, she made sure I drank it every morning and night as my friend had instructed. And after like about 2weeks of using this product, I began to notice some small changes in my sleep pattern, how well I was beginning to rest at night and how I could perform some little activities like dragging myself to the toilet without feeling dizziness, or any side effects that comes from other drugs I used in the past.

This little change really motivated me and I became really excited, reminding my wife to prepare and have the tea brought to me in time.

After a month plus of using this herbal tea, I went for medical check-up and found that my blood pressure had reduced from a 190/103 as at the last time i checked, to 150/90!!!!

My doctor was surprised and he repeated the blood pressure readings again just to be sure. 150/90 was still hypertensive and far from perfect, But that was the lowest i had ever gone in a really long time!!!!

He quickly took a look at the hypertension tea that made such substancial change in my blood pressure, he was so amazed and encouraged me to continue taking the tea then return after it is exhausted for another check up.

Excited about these changes, I quickly ordered more of the tea, sent some home to my older brother and  my father's only surviving brother in the East. And also distributed among Close friends and some of my Business associates who i knew were struggling with similar high blood pressure conditions. Likewise, lots of them came back and were marveled about how this amazing tea was really working for them

After about 60days of using this herbal tea, I felt so different and decided to go back to this hospital in company of my wife for an examination. And I remember how much she screamed and had to be escorted out of the hospital premises for disturbing other patients when the Nurse tested and told me, My BP was a normal 112/76!!.

I was so used to my hypertension, that I rejected the reading from the Nurse and requested my Doctor test me himself and we got the same reading. For the first time in a really long time, I felt peace in my heart.

My Doctor really shocked to his bones about my result,  took me to his office in my emotional state, and there was something he said that I would never forget. He looked at me and said

"Mr. Chibuzor, Doctors can only try according to their level of research and knowledge. But the truth is, For Every Ailment That Man Suffers Today, there is a Herb, A Plant lying fallow somewhere on earth to bring a total end to such ailment. And sometimes what makes the difference between who lives and who eventually dies would be access to that herb, Try as Doctors May!!!"

After seeing the effectiveness of their product, I went back to the distributors of this tea at their Ikoyi office, shared my Bp testimony with the manager there, who was really excited. I asked if they could make a recommendation for my partial stroke to which he presented me with a particular device for maintaining my BP, and Helping with Stroke, massaging, weight loss, etc....It's been 2months and two weeks since I got that device and completed my treatment with the tea. My BP as of this morning was 110/79. I no longer rely on anybody or a stick to move around. I have full control of my body!!!.

I was Lucky To Have Found These Highly Effective Products But A Lot Of Others May Never Have Such Luck

Which is why I agreed to share my story when invited by the distributors of this natural product here in Nigeria. HBP can happen to anybody. It is no respecter of status or age. My fathers demise was a quick one but my Uncle really suffered a very painful one, because he left his health unchecked.

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