Discover An Amazing Natural Herbal Remedy That Completely Reverses Hypertension, Normalises Blood Pressure and Lowers Blood Fat in Few Weeks Without Wasting Money on Expensive Prescription Drugs!"

If you are tired of spending money on expensive B.P Drugs and having to deal with all their negetive side effects, …You need to read till the end. 

Here’s why…

  • I am about to introduce you to a Natural herbal solution that have worked for over 3,700 Nigerian men and women to normalize their blood pressure, and lower blood fat, cholesterol & sugar within few weeks of using it.
  • But before I share the herbal remedy for lowering high blood pressure, let me quickly tell you about 4 simple lifestyle HACK that will help bring down your high blood pressure to normal levels.


  • Cut down on your weight and change your diet: Every kilogram of weight lost will help to reduce your blood pressure, and the simple advice is to avoid foods rich in saturated fats.

    Eat more white meat, oily fish, fresh fruit and vegetables as well as increasing your fibre intake.

    Also reduce sodium intake, and try to avoid eating salty, processed foods.

  • Stop Smoking and Reduce alcohol intake: The biggest single thing you can do to improve your health and blood pressure in general, is to give up smoking.

    Smoking doubles your risk of getting heart disease. Also, taking too much alcohol will push your blood pressure up, so keep your alcohol intake low to about just 1bottle of beer.

  • Please, as much as you can, Reduce anything that stresses you out! This is Very important
  • Use good herbal supplements to maintain your blood pressure levels: You see, these tips above are helpful to bring down your blood pressure… However, there’s a herbalTEA that doctors have confirmed to work. It helps REVERSE high blood pressure, lowers your blood fat and blood sugar without any side effects.

Hello, my name is Chibuzor Moses

I like to consider myself a survivor after battling with HYPERTENSION for several years.

During my years of battling with high blood pressure, I was placed on several drugs including  amlodipine 5mg or 10mg. And it provided temporary relief for me.

As time went on and I continued with the drugs, 

I started experiencing stiff neck, ear ache and my hearing became poor.

As if that was not bad enough, I also started to feel joint pain at some poin, joint stiffness, extreme fatigue, severe headache, my face was always swollen and I had low fever.

On one particular day, I went to attend a wedding with some of my colleagues and I had another attack. I passed out. I later woke up to find myself in the Hospital. That day, my doctor confirmed that my blood pressure was at 210/120

With the passing of time, It became unbearable because I was always in and out of the hospital as I became an object of sympathy from many. I hated the feeling a lot.

At some point I was even contemplating suicide as I didn't see more to life anymore! However, my two kids and my lovely wife kept encouraging me to keep fighting.

Fotunately for me, the entire situation was about to changed. I stumbled upon a post by an old time friend on facebook. I saw the post he made about a particular Herbal Tea. So, I quickly sent him a private message to get more details. 

He recommended this Anti-Hypertensive tea to me, and even told me that thesame tea  saved his mum from the stroke she was suffering from due to her high blood pressure.

I couldn't believe it. I thought it was too good to be true.

I told my wife about it and she encouraged me to give it a try stating that I have nothing to loose.

I had taken so many drugs so you can understand why I was reluctant...

So, I finally arranged with this friend of mine and he sent some packs of this tea to me.

Once I got the tea, I started using it and I began to notice some positive changes.

I slept well at night and I could perform activities without feeling dizziness, or any side effects that came from other drugs I had used in the past.

After about 3 weeks of using this tea I decided to go for a medical check-up, and this time around I found out that my blood pressure was miraculously normal at 121/83. I couldn't believe my eyes!!!

My doctor was surprised so he repeated the process several times over, just to be sure.

He quickly took a look at the hypertension tea that helped me normalized my blood pressure because I had some in my bag.

He did some research about it to ensure it has no side effects… and now he even recommends it to his patients with hypertension.

To make sure it works, I decided to get the same Hypertensive and Cholesterol Regulating Herbal  tea and gave it to some of my friends at work who complained of having high BP at some point.

Amazingly, lots of them came back and were marveled at how the HBP solution tea had helped them normalize their blood pressure.

That was when I knew I had to share this with anyone who cares to listen...

At this point, let me introduce you to the High Blood Pressure Solution that worked for me, and helped me normalize my blood pressure, and lower blood sugar without any side effects at all…

Natural Therapy & Safe Way to Lower High Blood Pressure,
Reverse Hypertension, Get Robust Heart Health, Prevent Stroke
and Break FREE from Hypertension Faster Than
You Ever Thought Possible

The Mejic Cholesterol Tea & BP Normalising Tea have been proven scientifically to help lower blood pressure, normalizes blood pressure, lowers cholesterol and reduces sugar level in the system.

It has the highest international certifications of approval, CGMP (Certificate Good Manufacturing Practices), HACCP, Healthcare Food Production License, QS.

It is manufactured by the biggest and professional tea bags manufacturer in China that has passed GMP and ISO9001 etc.

The Mejic Cholesterol Tea & BP Normalising Tea tea contains 20 tea bags in each pack and it is made from 100% herbal extract that has no side effects at all.

You see, the “secret weapon” of the Anti-Hypertension tea is that it contains herbal plant extract that after many centuries, science have shown that these herbs helps lower blood pressure,promotes shockingly powerful heart-health, reduces blood sugar, and even has anti-aging benefits!

Taking this tea for at least 60 days is the best bet for you to wave a goodbye to HBP. My Doctor (Name witheld due to medical ethics) has endorsed the tea as he confirmed it work for me first hand.

You do not need to continue suffering and wasting money!

These are rare hard-to-find herbs that can only be gotten in some specific countries and regions, to prove it that these herbs are highly effective, here’s a little more background check on some of the herbs that the Anti-Hypertension tea contains:

Radix Astragali

Astragalus propinquus, in Chinese, is a flowering plant in the family Fabaceae. It is one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine. It has many purported health benefits, including immune-boosting, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects. Astragalus is believed to prolong life and used to treat a wide variety of ailments, such as fatigue, allergies and the common cold. It's also used against heart disease, diabetes and other conditions.

Equisetum Arvense

Equisetum Arvense is a herbal remedy that dates back to ancient Roman and Greek times. It was used traditionally to stop bleeding, heal ulcers and wounds, and treat tuberculosis and kidney problems. The name Equisetum is derived from the Latin roots equus, meaning "horse," and seta, meaning "bristle."

Spica prunellae

spica prunellae is a Chinese folk medicinal herb with properties of heat-clearing and detoxification, Spica Prunellae is used to treat poor vision, blood stasis and edema, acute conjunctivitis, lymphatic tuberculosis and scrofula, acute mastitis and mammary gland hyperplasia, thyromegaly, and hypertention

  •  Put one tea bag in water with measurement of about 30cl
  • Boil  for up to 3 – 5minutes 
  • You can also add honey or lemon according to your personal taste
  • Drink and repeat the the same process at night (Morning and Night)

When you start using the BP Normalizer Tea, the results you will get is a gradual and continuous normalization of your blood pressure.

As you continue using it, you will experience improved blood circulation, and start noticing changes in your body system.

You would see for yourself how far you have gone in helping your body get rid of hypertension permanently without any side effects at all.

But don’t take my word for it, Below are actual testimonials we have received from people who used this Anti-Hypertension Tea and
what they are saying about it…

Mr. Nsikan Akpan - Akwa Ibom

This tea just made me a firm believer in th power of herbs and roots. To be honest, i got this tea, just so i could say to myself "I've tried this and it doesn't work"...But it does work, I'm 45 days into using the tea and my Bp has reduced from 180/84 to 130/80!!...My friend just ordered he's and has also seen some improvement..Thanks!

Mrs. Yusuf Aminah - Niger

I have been battling with the problem for a while now, until a friend of mine introduced me to the Bp Normalizer tea, He advised me to order the complete package  which i did, now 4 weeks after using this product, I experienced amazing turnaround. My high blood pressure has reduced considerably, and reading about 126/83! I couldn’t believe I could be on my feet again to live my normal life!

Mr. Chibuzor Nwosu - Enugu

I was in the hospital for a checkup last week friday, and found out that my bp has really gone down and no more pains. Am really enjoying my health now all thanks to the Anti-Hypertension tea you sent to us. My wife has even started using it. 

Now this Herbal Solution is hardly found in stores across Nigeria, It is mostly available in Asian countries and some parts of the U.S.A. The last time I tried ordering at a retail price for Mrs Yusuf (Whose testimony you read) it cost 24,000 for 30 days treatment plan (2packs) and 4,000 for shipping ie N28,000 in total. Then we had to wait two weeks before it landed in Nigeria, after which i had to fill forms to collect the package.. But you don't have to go through this stress!!!!!
We have successfully negotiated with the manufacturers in China, who agreed to bring a very few packs of this powerful tea at a wholesale prices so we can make it available to Nigerians suffering from this terrible ailment!!!!

You Can Relax While We Take Care Of Procurement And Delivery To Your Prefered Address

Two (2)packs of the "Hypertensive & Cholesterol Regulating Herbal Tea” goes for just N15,000 instead of N24,000  for 20Days Treatment while which is 30Days Treatment Plan goes for N18,000 instead of 36,000(Wholesale Price)

Now I Recommend That You Use This Product For At Least 2 Months as it is the Recommended Dosage So That Your Hypertension Could Be Dealth With From Its Root!!

For Best Result Three packs of "Hypertensive & Cholesterol Regulating Herbal Tea” goes for N18,000 instead of N36,000 which is for the 30 Days treatment plan (Wholesale Price)

Please Note: This Offer is valid for 3 Days Only, Once the time elapses, Prices would revert back to the Normal price of (N12,000) per pack, and you'd have to take care of your Delivery FEE.


Please Note: You Would Be Required To Make An Upfront Payment Of N1,000 before your order can be processed and sent out.This fee comes at no additional cost to you, as it would be deducted from the original price afte recieving  your product.

Example: If you request for the 20 Days Treatment Plan, you would be required to make a Deposit of 1,000 to show your Commitment to purchasing this product. Then on recieving your Order, you are only required to pay the balance of N14,000....No Additional Charges!!!

Why Are We Doing This?:  This is to serves as an indication to us that you are willing and ready to purchase this product. As in the past we have encountered customers who place an order but are never available to pick it up..Thereby costing us Double Loss incurred from delivery and return.

Please Don't bother Placing  An Order IF;

  • You Haven't Made Up Your Mind Yet About Getting This Product
  • You Are Not Financially Ready!!
  • You Won't Be Avialable, And Also Do Not Have Anyone To Recieve This Product In 1-3 Working Days!!
  •  You Are Not Willing To Confirm Your Order By Paying The N1,000 Part Payment !!!

Quick, Offer Expires In:


2 Packs Of HBP Tea @ N15,000 (24,000)


3 Packs Of HBP Tea @ N18,000 (36,000)

Order right now with Assurance Of!!!!

Because I've been through this illness and Suffered Extreme Pain, I do not underestimate how Physically,emotionally and financially consuming this ailment can be!!.. So i'm giving you an assurance that if you use this Hypertensive & Cholesterol Regulating Herbal Tea, and after Atleast 30days on completing the one month treatment plan, you do not notice any difference in your health. Contact Us using this Watsapp Link and you would get All your Money back!!!!, No Stories!!!, No Questions asked!!!!!

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