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Arthritis or any form of 'PAIN' is not something anyone should take lightly at you know that there are over 200 types of Arthritis Conditions? And that the one thing they all have in common is that “they are ANNOYINGLY PAINFUL?

Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

Dear Friend,

Before I introduce you to this Natural Herbal Solution that worked for me (and over 78 other Nigerian Men and Women) and helped me save a lot of money while giving me back my health, I will need you to do this one important exercise the helped me through my pains.


I need you to picture yourself PAIN-FREE.  YES!!! you heard that right.


You need to cast your mind back to when you didn’t have arthritis or any form of Joints or Body Pains… Do you remember how freely and easily you could walk around, handle things on your own without needing any form of support, Play your favorite game with loved ones and do all the fun stuff?

Good!!! Keep that picture in your mind…

So, WHY is this important?

This is Because, after reading this article to the END, you’ll discover a herbal Formula that will easily help you return to that Pain-free person you were some few years or months back. 


My name is Funmilayo, and this is my Story.

I used to suffer from the worst arthritis problem you can ever think of. It started like a joke and then became a serious concern as it affected my knee, my body and basically all the joint in my body.

My doctor even predicted I’d soon need a wheelchair but as GOD will have it, I came across a powerful Natural solution which saved me from this problem. 

Out of Gratitude, I decided to share my Story and this Natural Solution with as many people as possible.

It all started some few years ago. I had just celebrated my 33rd birthday. I got back from work on this very evening and I started felling pains around the joints in my wrist.

At first I dismissed it to be just a little sprain from the stress of living and working in a city like Lagos.

But this was not the case because in about two weeks the pain had spread from my wrists up to my shoulders and my knee was also affected.

I couldn’t understand what was happening to me, I was loosing my peace.

So, I decided to do what most Nigerians would do. At least, I learnt that from my Mother... "I started anointed my joints and every part where I felt pains daily."

In months, the pains grew severe to the point where I could no longer walk or stand as normal again without screaming in agony.

My Doctor at some point prescribed and I started taking Tramadol and steroid injections daily. 

I felt some relief though. The downside, however, was that I had to cope with all their devastating side effects.

From annoying headaches to dizziness, there was drowsiness sometimes, nausea and vomiting, 
constipation, I also felt a lack of energy. The list goes on and on...




Due to the excruciating pain I was experiencing, I had to resign from my job because I could no longer cope with the demands of my job.


I didn't know the worst was yet to come.


It got so bad that at one point, I began to notice some bone like outgrowth around my knuckles and wrist area.

Two months after I was diagnosed with Rheamatoid Arthritis, I had already began limping due to excruciating pain and was soon gifted crutches not too long after.

I was unable to move about freely due to this unbearable pain. My mum had to come stay with me at some point. I spent most nights crying and imagining how I might not be able to achieve all the goals I had set for myself. It was a really dark point in my life.

I was even begining to nurse the idea that it was a spiritual attack, if you know what I mean, because...

Arthritis was said to be more rampant amongst the the aged people and barely occured in Young Adults, but here I was, just approaching my prime and the only future that seemed to await me was that of a “Crippled Invalid”.

Even though my parents and Husband tried to convince me otherwise, I felt like a huge burden.

My mother had to take care of me all through this period. You can imagin how that made me feel.

My Husband spent thousands of Naira, searching for a cure to my sudden ailment.

I got even more embarrassed and withdrawn when sympathetic friends and family members came visiting.

Their presence was only a painful reminder of all the things I may never be able to do again.

I felt so worthless!!!


In our desperation for a solution, my Husband traveled far and wide as he was and still is a business man. He visited several doctors who carried out various tests on me.

And Finally after over 2 years of tireless search and being used as a lab rat by doctors, my Husband stumbled on a Chinese herbal Scientist who showed us a herbal remedy that changed my life forever!!!.


On that faithful evening, “HOW CAN I EVER FORGET?” I was in the sitting room with my mother when my husband came through the door with a big smile on his face.

He had just returned from one of his business trips to China and he had this unusual smile on his face.

It was becoming frustrating just seeing my husband smile because I can’t remember the last time I saw him smile.

So, out of curiosity, I asked him what he was smiling about and then he said to me and my mum… “I HAVE FOUND IT!!!” as though it was rehearsed, we simultaneously as him… “FOUND WHAT???”

Then, he quickly reached into one of his bags and brought out a box of TEA.

As he handed the TEA to my mum, he kept saying… “THIS IS IT!!!” you can sense from his voice that he was tired of searching for a cure. I reluctantly said (I pray it works Ooo...)

Well, before you blame me for doubting you must remember that I was tired and frustaited from my years of taking several prescibed drugs for my pains. I had bought several products I saw online that promised so much but did nothing for me.

Back to my story...

My husband then told us about the Chines Herbal Scientist he met in China and how so many people spoke well about him and the tea. Apparently, my husband had told several of his friends in china about my condition.


I was not motivated to take the TEA. I felt it was a waste of time.

I just felt there was no point... especially after I had spent money on expensive drugs that didn't work.

You can understand my frustration.

However, my mum finally succeded in talking me into taking the TEA after about 3 weeks. She kept asking me (Funmilayo... what do you have to lose? How will you even know if it works if you dont even try it?)

Well... you already know how that ended. I STARTED TAKING THE TEA.

After like 10 days, I realized I was sleeping better and I wasn't feeling so much pains. You can imagin how pleasantly surprised I was.

That was enough MOTIVATION for me as I didn't need anyone to remind me to take my TEA until I completed the Treatment.


I am back to living my normal life, joy is restored to my family again. 

I am really grateful to God that I was fortunate to find this product when I did because I can't Imagine what my life would have become if I didn't start using it when I did. I bless God for the herbal Scientist that I may never meet.

Apart from the joy in my heart that I am now pain-free.

I am always overly excited when I read emails from people who I may never meet in person, thanking me for recommended the TEA to them.

I shared some of their messages on the page where the TEA is intoduced.

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